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The Mission of CPI

Our Mission

CPI is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic vitality in downtown Cobleskill.


What is Economic Vitality?

Economic vitality means good local jobs. It means people purchasing products and services in our own community. It means recreation and entertainment for families. It means affordable, attractive housing in a convenient village lifestyle.


We envision a downtown that by day is filled with workers, diners, shoppers and clients. Recreation and entertainment in the evenings and on weekends encourage people to stay and stroll. Special events create excitement and allow families to enjoy the benefits of living in our near our village.


What are the goals of CPI?

Goal 1 is to develop downtown Cobleskill as a business center. This means reducing vacancies by working with developers who want to improve storefronts and other buildings, marketing downtown to businesses and supporting projects that will result in successful downtown merchants and professionals.

Goal 2 is to make downtown Cobleskill a destination of choice for recreation, entertainment, services and shopping. Interesting shops, convenient and well-marked parking as well as dining, recreational and entertainment establishments will encourage people to spend their time in downtown Cobleskill.


Why is this important?

Jobs and Money. An economically viable downtown means a stronger tax base and more jobs for residents. Let's keep Cobleskill dollars in Cobleskill.


Atmosphere. Unless we have a strong downtown, Cobleskill will become one long strip mall. Let's retain our small town, rural lifestyle.


Quality of Life. Families need communities to thrive. Children need things to do, teens need places to go and adults need the social, cultural, recreational and job opportunities. If we don't provide them locally, people are forced to go elsewhere to find them.


What Can I Do?

In order to reach these goals, three things are needed:

1. Participation from community members

2. Funding to support programs and development activities

3. Cooperation from other local, regional, and state organizations engaged in related activities

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